Thursday, April 26, 2012


Heyyy My Jazzy Loves!! Sorry Ive been MIA, but I've been so busy to blog. Ive taken some shots of my outfits w/ my iPhone the past couple weeks, so I'll share them here w/ you guys.

This past Sunday, I went to my daughter's Great Great Grandmother's 100th birthday celebration. The  family wore all turquoise and teal.  My dress is more of the sea foam side but it worked. The dress is actually lace all the way around and open in the back, however since I was going to a 100th birthday party I wore a white cami underneath.

Dress by Zara
Shoes by Aldo

Chelsea & I ~ Gotta show love to the heels w/ a pose! :)

Are you loving the pastels for Spring? I am. I'll transition into Neon more towards the Summer.
SOOO reminds me of the 80's!!

Much Love