Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Quality Time

After a busy week of work, start of Fall semester in college, and my daughter starting the 8th grade in the same week..My good friend Kristen and I packed up the kids and the cooler and made our way to Vegas for some much needed QT, R & R and FUN.

Busy, and Makayla pushing Deondre

Makayla showing Deondre the strip

Saturday night, we hit the club. I haven't been a to a club in ages!!
*Top & Skirt f21
*Clutch - Michael Kors

Beatles Phone Booth
We left Sunday, to avoid the traffic, & get an extra day (Labor Day) to relax
Showed the kids a couple more spots before we headed out.

Old jumpsuit by Zara
Coconuts Sandals
Aldo Earrings
Color on my toes and nails is by Zoya called Pandora

Shops @ Forums

Monday did a little more school shopping & headed to a family BBQ at my Sister-in-Law's new house.
Good Times.

f21 Top & Necklace
no name shorts I cut
Italian Shoemakers sandals

Hope you had a FAB weekend.
I'm going to do a hip hop post next up.