Tuesday, May 10, 2011

America's Next Top Model & Nicki Minaj

An opportunity to see ANTM & Nicki Minaj. Email to RSVP at ANTMALLSTARS@gmail.com

I Adore You

My all time favorite song by Prince. Adore. No explanation needed. I had the luxury of seeing Prince in concert this past Friday at the Forum.  He has 21 shows scheduled to try and save the Forum from being turned into a massive church. I totally agree it should be kept for ART.

Amazing show, probably one of the best I have ever seen in my life. Not a huge production but a live band, with a man who can play the hell out of a guitar. I thoroughly enjoyed myself & THANK you to the man who took me.

All is sad on the Laker home front, but I did enjoy round 2 festivities. If you live in Los Angeles & it's a Laker night, you WILL NOT BE BORED! LOL
Toni and Makayla at BJ's in Culver City for game 1
Toni's 6th Birthday.

Next Game at Capitol City in Hollywood. Love this place, it's swagg, chic,  filled with beautiful people. Service is kinda slow but hey you aren't going anymore for 3 hours anyway right.

Hanging out with a few fellow Laker fans, my long time friend Don & I.

Celebrating Cinco De Mayo in Manhattan Beach.  Ate at El Tarasco since Panchos had a two hour wait & a full bar, not to mention Sharkey's across the street had a line around the corner. Missed out on the Festival downtown at LA Live. 

Love El Tarasco, has been in Manhattan for decades by a young couple who saved their money to buy this place instead of a house, it's been passed on for generations. They're open until like 4am. LOL

Harmony Gelish Manicure in Pink.

My books that I keep in my room, love to pull from these...
I have a book shelf w/ my street lit but these are my FAVS.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

I started the 10 day SELF challenge yesterday, trying to lose 5 lbs before I leave for my cruise!