Friday, March 4, 2011

Fantasia By Hayden-Harnett for Walt Disney

hayden-harnett for Walt Disney Signature
[Limited Edition] - All original designs by the original dreamer Walt Disney

This collection is dedicated to those who search for MAGIC, beauty, curiosity, art and wonder in their everyday lives.  

In the limited edition design collaboration with Walt Disney Signature Inspired by
Disney's animated 1940 cultural classic Hayden-Harnett
seeks to convey a spirit of magic,
nature as mankind's muse, and creative fantasy.

I've been gawking at this stuff since the end of last year, so when hayden-harnett
ran their Spring sale, I had to jump at the opportunity to snag some
of these limited edition pieces at a bargain price! I love magic & have always been fascinated with the "unkown"...

"Our richly artisanal line of fine accessories channels a world in which a curious sorcerer's assistant finds himself unsupervised with his master's book of magic.....a venificus libri. The beauty, a charming chaos, and doors to magical realms and wonderous worlds that he unlocks are a modern telling of an ancient tale that we find highly inspiring indeed."....hayden-harnett

Cathedral Reticule
In Black
retails $110, on sale for $22

excuse the background @ work. :)

In days of old, every traveler & magical being kept a reticule of their most precious money, jewels, & belongings cleverly concealed beneath their clothing. Our Cathedral reticule, a luxe, modern, magical, and fresh take on the earliest ancestor of the modern handbag.

Sorry about the flash.

They only made 100 of these. The front has a deco-engraved Fantasia logoplate on front panel with cute tassel. All real leather, smells delicious!

Veneficus Libri Keycharm
In black
Retails $58, on sale for $11.60

Front view

Do you hold the keys to an esteemed Veneficus Libri? With our Veneficus Libri keycharm, centerpiece of our Fantasia collection, you may indeed open any magical book or door as you wish. Custom molded from a vintage key with a functional removable keyring keeps those pesky castle and cathedral keys nearby and possibly imparts a bit of magic into your everyday. Made from highest quality Italian leather and gothic gunmetal hardware.

Back View

Only 250 made of this limited edition key chain.

Alchemist Cuff
Retails for $110, on sale for $27.50

This hands down is my favorite item from all of their cuffs by the Fantasia Collection. By the way I LOVE LOVE LOVE hayden-harnett's cuffs, they're really GREAT staple pieces that can add huge spice to your jeans & a tee days!

Our Alchemist cuff seeks to transmute magical studs, D-rings, buckles, and leather into pure leather love. We love how this perfectly gothic cuff instantly transforms even the lowliest style apprentice. Voila!

Check out the detail on this baby, OMG the leather & quality is FANTASTIC!

Well there you have it! My little haul from this collection, that I was able to get at such a great price. If you're interested in buying some, plus their larger handbags, they're still available & on sale at

Also just to add,I stand by the quality of hayden-harnett handbags, I LOVE their brand straight outta Brooklyn, NYC. I started wearing HH a couple years ago. Can you believe the designers started this company on April Fool's Day in 2005? Their endeavor turned out to be FAR from a joke!

Here are a few items that I have by them:

You can see my White Signature Celina Cuff



Fringe, drawstring, rivets, studs...I love it!
I got it on ebay for a SUPER killer price before everyone started learning about HH.


This is my organic-cotton canvas tote that I use for school, they still sell a similar one but it's says GREEN IS GOOD. 
What's better than eco-friendly products?
Hop on the Sustainability Board!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fashionista Spotlight [I AM LALA]

Alani "LaLa" Vasquez - Anthony
She refuses to be typecast as an 'NBA Wife'

I love a self made chick, and that's exactly what Lala is! She began her career early in her teenage years interning at a local radio station in Atlanta at Hot 97, from there she began her career in media & entertainment. She landed her first big gig on 100.3 The Beat in Los Angeles which opened up other avenues that would impact her life forever. In the early 2000's you couldn't turn on MTV with out seeing this pretty face. She not only  held her own, she mastered the art of hosting and spot interview.


Her style is fabulous!


How fly are these women's Christian Louboutin rollerball loafers?
They will set you back $995.00

In 2008 Lala launched Krossover Productions, which is the executive producer of the critically acclaimed TYSON, an independent documentary of the heavy weight champion Mike Tyson.

Alani is gorgeous, with such a welcoming smile!

Cirtics Choice Awards VH1

In 2010 Lala & her long time boyfriend (and baby daddy) tied the knot in a Black Tie Affair wedding in NYC. With both having roots in Puerto Rico, LaLa reaches out on the Ethinicity question.
A lot of people don’t realize that I’m Latina, which is fine. One thing about being Latina is that there isn’t one look that comes with the territory. I don’t expect people to know my cultural background just by glancing at me. I do, however, expect that when I tell people my family is from Puerto Rico, that I will be believed and not accused of trying to be something that I’m not. It usually goes something like this: a person having a conversation with me discovers one way or another that I’m Puerto Rican and fluent in Spanish. That person then expresses their shock over these realizations for any number of reasons–common responses are, “You don’t look Latina” and “I thought you were black!” I never said I wasn’t black. And since when does being black and being Latina have to be mutually exclusive?
As I start to get my feet wet in Hollywood, I already know that there are certain parts I won’t even be considered for. The character can be Puerto Rican and speak Spanish just like me, but Hollywood defines Latina as Jennifer Lopez and Sofia Vergara. As beautiful as they are, we’re not all one race in Latin America. But I don’t go to auditions so that I can give history lessons to film executives. I’d rather skip the entire process.

Lala & her family has recently moved to NYC where her husband now plays for the New York Knicks. They're also busy filimg 'My Full Court Life' which will feature the Anthony family.

LaLa filming My Full Court Life.
Her gloves are TO.DIE.FOR!!!

Reppin' For her Husband with his Shoes...cute.

LaLa, Carmelo & Kiyan

Love the Louboutin's that she picked up to match her Husbands new jersey color!

Enjoying her honeymoon in Costa Rica!

All photo credits go to
& Lala's website

Botkier & Cole Haan

Meet Rivington by Botkier

Every year I treat myself to a quality handbag, but I never pay full price. By taking a little time to do some hunting & research can save you big $$.  These handbags will last you decades if you take care of them properly. They also hold a decent resale value.  I still own some Coach, & Dooney & Bourke bags that I purchased over 10 years ago that look nearly new that I've passed on to my daughter. This year I purchased a Small Rivington by Botkier and a nameless Cole Haan.

Small Botkier Rivington draw string in Nickel

Here she is riding shot gun :)

On our way to school

I love all the detail of this bag, wasn't sure if I would like the shiny
silver but it's super cute & functional!

Retails for $475.00 but I purchased her NEW from ebay for $78,
verified Authentic bag with all the correct rivets, studded accents & markings.
Came with Authentication card, tags & dust bag.

Meet my Nameless Cole Haan

Tassels & Fringe are huge this year, so when I saw this in bone,
I knew I had to have it! I love the detail, esp the hardware being in gold.
Something about Gold & brown hues makes me happy...LOL

Chillin on Moonstone Beach, Central Cali
I call her Lady T,
In memory of the Ivory Queen Ms. Teena Marie.
Rest in Paradise.


I'm not sure of the name of this bag, I've searched online to see
 if I could locate it  but I couldn't. I purchased this from TJMaxx.
Here is the tag. I looked up the codes, etc. But came up with nothing.

What are your new bag purchases? Do you own a Botkier? Monica is an amazing designer. She was working downtown with a busy lifestyle when she created the Trigger bag in 2003. This was known as a functional bag, and the bag that launched the industry! Kuddos to her, I love women with creative inspiration!

"You can achieve dreams you didn't even know  you had if you follow your gut and work with passion" - Monica Botkier

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oh You Fancy Huh? Nails did.....

What's With The Cattitude?
By OPI Summer 2010, Shrek Forever After Collection

I'm wearing 'What's With the Cattitude?' by OPI which was released in the Summer of 2010 as part of their limited edition Shrek Forever After Collection. I've had this since last summer but never tried it. When I noticed that Sally Hansens Barracuda color had been released for Spring 2011,  I decided to rekindle my feelings for Shrek's Summer color since they're very similar. LOL! Both are a creamy pastel color, which is going to be BIG for Spring.  I had one finger done in the new "Crack" trend. Wasn't sure if I'd like it, so I decided to try just one finger.

Shrek Forever Collection

Sally Hanson Barracuda in the center