Monday, December 19, 2011

Party Time

Our Holiday Party at work was a success. My team put a lot of work into every detail,
the end result was happy corner offices & a pretty bouquet of flowers as a thank you!
Totally unexpected, but always appreciated.

My co-worker Carmen. Please visit her blog:
She makes delicious & adorable cupcakes! Truly amazing.

We both won a raffle prize, but she won the iPAD. #Lucky!

Outfit: That you can barely see!
Sweater: Ralph Lauren
Cargo Pants: BB Dakota
Shoes: Tangoo by Steve Madden

& Finally the best gift of all....Having my baby girl w/ me for a day at work!
She left me the cutest little note for this AM!

6 more days til Christmas



tiny dancer said...

Seriously loving your frames - they are a great shape :D They are very flattering on you!

Thank you for visiting my blog <3

MalibuMara said...

cute frames! Lol at drinking on the job! bahaha, Cute post :)

Elizabeth said...

You look very pretty!
Corona's are awesome <3

xoxo Kellz* said...

great post I checked her blog too:)