Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Inspirations

Natalie Latin, "Born on Christmas day"

Yes, my name means Born on Christmas Day.  I typically love this time of the year. It rings joy, family tradition and treasure box of memories with my family & friends.

Enjoy some of my Christmas Inspiried photos!

Downtown Los Angeles has exploded with business in the past three years, they now have an annual Tree Lighting at "LA LIVE".
It's really about to pick back up with the Lakers season about to kick off!

My new cozy slipper socks, Wal-Mart $3

Carry On by Essie. Deep Romantic Burgundy Color.

Los Angeles County Courthouse Building

Tis the season!


Anonymous said...

That mobile is pretty <3 so is the LA tree!

Anonymous said...

I love Christmas <3 nice pics!

Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

Great post! Def a great time of the year.

Style Dilettante said...

Yum! Leave it to Martha! Thanks for showing me parts of LA I need to visit!