Monday, August 15, 2011

OOTD: Heat Wave

I took Friday off to spend some much needed QT with my daughter. Sometimes we get so busy as parents trying to pursue our own happiness and goals that we easily lose focus on the tender moments that our children can never repeat.  So we headed to Palm Springs, for some not-so-far-away SUN. It was a breezy 70 in South Bay, so we made a dash to some 105 degree heat!

After a day at the pool, we headed to see The Help. Great movie!!

My top is made out of 100% recycled materials!
Shorts no name
Shoes from
Bag: Gucci
Sunglasses & Belt: Betsey Johnson

Besides sunblock and tanning oil, these were my 4 essentials for my quick trip. Nothing too heavy for heat!

1. Limited Edition 'Very Sexy Summer' by Victoria's Secret. It's a light fruity scent.
2. Revlon Color Stay in Cozy Coral
3. Clear lip gloss by Dior that I use over the lipstick since it's sorta a matte color.
4. Stila Sun Bronzing powder in Shade 1. It's a very light color with an SPF in it!

I hope you had an awesome weekend! 
I'm ready to conquer the week!
Let's go!



EVE-O-LUTION said...

Natalie babes you rock!!!! u look hawt!!!!

Anonymous said...

You are so pretty!! I love your style. Those white shoes are adorable, and that jewelry stand is exactly what I'm looking for! how much did you get it for at TJMaxx?

P.S did you pick a winner for the feather earrings giveaway?

Curves ahead makeup said...

Your rocking that outfit !!!! Love your purse very nice

I'm Tara said...

love the outfit!

Anonymous said...

great blog