Tuesday, July 12, 2011

You Fancy Huh?....Nails Did

So remember back in April I told you guys back in April HERE, that I was going all natural for the first time in YEARS! I received great feedback & so much info about it. I LOVE natural nails, I would live everyday natural if I didn't have such a fixation for clean, manicured nails. If there is something I can't stand,  it's a cracking, breaking, chipped nail. My nails kept breaking & chipping. I got so impatient. Gel polish is AWESOME, I love everything about it..It is more expensive than even acyrilics but SO WORTH IT! Thank you for all the great tips & compliments. & to your natural wearing beauties...You're LUCKY!

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turquoise & caicos with tart deco by Essie

I picked up some Summer Colors @ Target

#405// Peachy by Revlon| Turqoise & Caicos, California Coral, Tart Deco by Essie| OPI Drying Drops

What do you think of these colors! I love them. I'm such a coral & peachy type girl.

Tart Deco is very similar to Haute as Hello but if I had to chose, I like Haute better, it's more of a creamier color.

Happy Tuesday!
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Rinz said...

Ohhh I want that turquoise and Caicos color!!! Pretty!!!

Tammy said...

Loving the two colors.. They are DEF summertime colors


mama bear said...

Really pretty colors!

Sarah said...

The mint green is amazing!