Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend Randoms & Updates!

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend.
I'm def. in Summer mode & trying to soak up this sun & life as much as possible.
I have a couple giveaways I'll be doing this week & next.
I've been in contact with two separate Jewelry lines that are AWESOME & will be doing some fun things for my blog in conjunction with their business.

Now, For my weekend Randoms:

Locally got away Friday night, stayed in the LAX area.
Something about kicking your feet up, looking at my City makes me feel like I'm on a mini vacay.

Ordered Room Service at 9 PM, then again at 11:30.
Chicken Thai Salad, Apple Pie A'La Mode, Chips & Salsa & a Milkshake.

Totally unplanned, left LA, straight to Palm Springs on a mini road trip.
About a 1.5 hour drive

 Palm Canyon Drive, the only street in Palm Springs that's pretty much where it's at

Walking around in 96 Degree Heat

Hard to see outfit:
♥ No Name Shorts
♥ Target Top
♥ Report Sandals

IMPALA. I &heart; classic cars

Margaritas on the rocks @ Shakerz, chillin getting my R & R in.

Tried lamb for the first time. It was alright.

Food was sub par, BUT laughs are priceless
"Just give me a cup with ice"

Eating breakfast on my balcony in Palm Springs @ 8 am
The moon was still out.

Hope everyone had a GREAT weekend!
It's back to business Monday.



Nataly said...

THANKS FOR STOPPING BY MY BLOG GORGEOUS! Looks like your weekend was full of fun also! XoXo I'll be following you aswell, stay in touch, and i would deff love to guest blog for you! Im also looking for guest bloggers so if your up for it your more then welcome ; ] !!! Just let me know whats up ! Take care hun ! xoxo.

( )

mama bear said...

The food looks delicious!