Friday, June 10, 2011


Hey JazzyOnes!

Hope everyone is having a beautiful Friday. It's super crappy out here in Los Angeles & Orange County. About 65, and it looks like some sprinkles are still scattering!

I just wanted to point out that I made a Facebook page for THE JAZZY SPOT. It's a lot easier to post a photo or a piece of info via this page than to dedicate an entire blog post to something that catches my eye, etc. So if you're interested, please click my FB widget on the right & LIKE ME! I'd love to see your Facebook pages as well.

I haven't forgot about the give-a-away I was supposed to do, I'm well over 10K kits, and now almost at 15K. This is my last week of school so I will DEF get one in motion!

photo taken from H&M

Thanks again & have a FAB weekend!
xoxo - Natalie

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Anonymous said...

Pretty cool photo!