Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Southside: Outfit of the Day

"We walk the same path, but got on different shoes, Live in the same building,
                                            but we got different views"

                                         Top: No Name, snagged for $6
                                         Pants: Donna Karan
                                         Shoes: Aldo & SUPER comfy for work
                                         Bracelets: Linea Pelle Cuff and H & M
                                         Ring: Nordy's Shades: Kenneth Cole

               LOVIN' this lip shade by Revlon ColorStay is Cozy Coral


Rinz said...

love your jewelries and tunic top!! so colorful!

LA Lynn's said...

WOW!!!! That top was a major STEAL!!!! ~Great Deal said...

Beautiful. Great top!

Kimmy said...

love those shoes!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the top!