Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cloud 9 with 50 Cent & Olivia

Cloud 9 by 50 Cent & Olivia

I LOVE this song...always have. My favorite number is 9 & I wouldn't mind be on that cloud.
It's a throwback, I think it was released in 2004 or 05.
Anyway, peep the lyrics..
[50 cent]

It's more mental than physical
It's more than sexin we gotta connection
Be my angel and I'll be your protection
If you grind when I shine I see to it you shine
I'm all ears tell me whats on your mind
If you feel like I feel its real if I'm gettin ahead of myself tell me chill
But if you let me touch ya I could touch ya how you need to be touched
Keep talkin to me gurl and I'm gon be the one that you trust
Ill bring them candles bring them roses and them boxes of candies
You bring them sorted flavored condoms and them edible panties
Yea I'm street but I'm discreet baby ican keep a secret
You can show me what you hidin in them victoria secrets
Gotta old soul so you know I listen to Marvin "Let's get it on"
I take it off for you no problem you can call when you need baby
And we can pass time on that cloud with the silver line numer nine

I was raised in a way where the time was the day was to play hard to get babe
But then it changed suddenly man you came and took my breath away
I was caught in a vine at a time in the night where my life wasnt right babe
But then again suddeny suddenly you came and I was swept away

Ooh like a bird I just fly cuz I'm free

Free to laugh free to love free to be

No rain comes down on me

This is whats happenin

Now this cant be a faze it runs threw my viens
So I cant get it out of me its so complete
Its makin me feel like I'm the only one one that exists
So I dont care where we lay anytime of the day any way it dont matter babe
This unexplanable feeling its so soul healing
And I want it all over me

[verse 3]
I like to lay around in the sun spendin time
Sip mimosas on a quiet evening night
Get away on a trip catch a flight
When yo say to me I'm the only one you need
I let you taste my body spot just to teeze
I wanna sing while you kiss all ova me

Ooo la la

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