Thursday, March 3, 2011

Botkier & Cole Haan

Meet Rivington by Botkier

Every year I treat myself to a quality handbag, but I never pay full price. By taking a little time to do some hunting & research can save you big $$.  These handbags will last you decades if you take care of them properly. They also hold a decent resale value.  I still own some Coach, & Dooney & Bourke bags that I purchased over 10 years ago that look nearly new that I've passed on to my daughter. This year I purchased a Small Rivington by Botkier and a nameless Cole Haan.

Small Botkier Rivington draw string in Nickel

Here she is riding shot gun :)

On our way to school

I love all the detail of this bag, wasn't sure if I would like the shiny
silver but it's super cute & functional!

Retails for $475.00 but I purchased her NEW from ebay for $78,
verified Authentic bag with all the correct rivets, studded accents & markings.
Came with Authentication card, tags & dust bag.

Meet my Nameless Cole Haan

Tassels & Fringe are huge this year, so when I saw this in bone,
I knew I had to have it! I love the detail, esp the hardware being in gold.
Something about Gold & brown hues makes me happy...LOL

Chillin on Moonstone Beach, Central Cali
I call her Lady T,
In memory of the Ivory Queen Ms. Teena Marie.
Rest in Paradise.


I'm not sure of the name of this bag, I've searched online to see
 if I could locate it  but I couldn't. I purchased this from TJMaxx.
Here is the tag. I looked up the codes, etc. But came up with nothing.

What are your new bag purchases? Do you own a Botkier? Monica is an amazing designer. She was working downtown with a busy lifestyle when she created the Trigger bag in 2003. This was known as a functional bag, and the bag that launched the industry! Kuddos to her, I love women with creative inspiration!

"You can achieve dreams you didn't even know  you had if you follow your gut and work with passion" - Monica Botkier

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