Monday, February 21, 2011

Review: Caruso SalonPro Molecular Steam Hairsetter

Caruso Professional Rollers
Molecular Steam Hair setter
Caruso have been around for ages, they have a reputation for having an exclusive molecular steam haircare system & the only patented steam hair setting system with worldwide dual voltage.  This set comes with 30 soft foam rollers, that you place individually in the setting system one at a time for about 60 seconds, this infuses them with heat, which is supposed to be a healthier option than curling with an "iron".  Then you wrap your hair on the infused roller and cover with a shield. You can also place the shield on the steam setting system so that the shield is warm to get the outer parts of your hair.  The patented roller & shield design creates even moisture penetration & allows airflow for quick evaporation. You can also add heat by running a hair dryer over the shields. Gentle moisture penetrates to the hair's molecular core allowing it to relax & bend. As moisture evaporates, hair is "set" in curled position. The molecular is supposed to hold so strong, that the curls should last a few days.

Sooo...I tried this a couple times. The first time, I wasn't that impressed but I blamed it on myself for only giving myself 30 minutes before work to give it a first run. #Fail.

The second go, I blow dried my hair then sectioned it off into three parts. I used the smallest rollers for the front portions of my hair and the larger ones for the back. Before I rolled each piece of hair, I sprayed it w/ some Pantene hair spray. After I had all my hair rolled, I waited 5 minutes & took them out. Here are my results:

As you can see the very underneath section is kinda straight since I used the largest rollers.

The best curl that took was by using the smallest rollers wrapped tightly

The steam is supposed to give you a less "frizzy" curl, especially by spraying hair spray, I thought for sure I'd have none, but I was wrong.

I give the Caruso system a 3.5.  For my next go, I most likely will run a blow dryer all over my rollers for a good 5 minutes to add some more heat. By day 2, I had some wave sort of like messy beach hair.

How do you curl your hair? what works for you?

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