Thursday, February 17, 2011

Black Card Burns if you're asking who is he!

Soco Burns, YA Boy's Black Card Muzik label mate is hittin the streets heavy with his new project Back to the Basics (released late 2010). Soco is native to Los Angeles, with roots in Compton, it's no secret where is gets his fresh witty swagger from. Dedicated to his craft, I see improvement with every release, don't sleep on the kid, cuz he be spazzin on shit!

Follow him @SocoBurns

Check out Green Gobblin, it's getting a good buzz. Dope video, peep the 1:18 mark & how he switches his flow.

Don't sleep on his music & frequent his twitter page often. He stays in the studio releasing WC music. Burns is an educated man with his bachelors degree & a lot love for basketball where he spent his earlier years on the court in college, he's super smart and the epitome of a humble guy. & I consider him a friend of mine.  Don't test him tho, cause he's RECKLESS..for the west he will die!

&& Ladies, he didn't forget about us, check out songs like Super Natural Girl & Valentine.

CHECK OUT ALL the BLACK CARD BOYS...This goes hard too! You can hear Soco at 3:30 mark. 

Treat yourself, don't cheat yourself.


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