Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sephora Haul

Just a small Sephora haul of my favs & newbies that I'd love feedback on from any of you!!  I include the price I pay on most of my items because I'm the epitome of a bargain shopper!! I hate paying full price for anything, and I know I'm not alone on this....

DiorShow BlackOut by Christian Dior is my ABSOLUTE favorite mascara! I used to wear Definicils by Lancome but since the first time I tried Black Out it was love-at-first-site or wear.  So I was jumping for joy when the newer Dior masara Extase was released on Sephora in a combination set.  I purchased this set for $30 on it includes a full size Extase mascara by Dior, with two smaller travel sizes of Iconic & Black Out. Extase is $28 alone, so for 2 more bucks I got two very nice travel masaras!!

Urban Decay's Smoke Out ... and naw we're not talking weed folks!!

This adorable kit is by UD, it comes in three shades, this is the YERBA (deep greens). Since my eyes are green I wanted to try and do smokey eyes in deep greens.  This is my first time ever purchasing UD, so I will report back on the product. I checked out the mascara and it looks DRYYYY.. *no bueno*

Purchased on for $15 regularly $34. It comes w/ 4 eye shadows, eye liner, brush, mascara!

Four color-coordinated shadows created for lid, crease, liner, and highlight take you step-by-step to a layered eye with depth and tons of attitude. Foolproof instructions and a face chart, stashed away in a secret drawer, demystify the process. You can rock any intensity of smoky eye, from second date to jaded streetwalker (hopefully you won't go for that one, actually), and all shades can be worn alone, too. And don't forget: smoky eyes don't have to be black! The kit is offered in black/grey shades, plus brown and deep green kits.

Dylan's Lip Candy Saver in Coconut BonBon, for my little one. On sale for $2 regularly $8.

Urban Decay deal of the week: Color Intense loose pigment in Baked. The reviews weren't that consistant but for $5 bucks (reg. $20)..why not give it a try!!

Next up is my freebie birthday gift from Sephora. It includes: "highly pigmented" eyeshadow Aspen Summit #23,  Nano Eye Liner in Silver Green, and a Plump mascara in black. Can we say SWEET!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Just a Simple WISH!


I live in Los need a car. Sorry, contrary to what some people may think, our downtown is NOTHING like New York City. In the past 3-4 years alone we've seen major improvements in LA's downtown w/ the adding of LA LIVE but other than that...Taxi what?? Try paying $20/ car to park downtown!
After seeing this picture it just intensified my WISH for going to New York City!!! 


I'm lovin Fantasia's new single out 'Bittersweet'...I know it's perfect for the way her fans are feeling about her right now. BUT...Just remember we all fall && Fantasia's no different....She's one of my favorite power house voices, she falls in categories with women like Mariah Carey, Gladdys Knight, Teena Marie, Aretha, Patti Labelle, etc. LOVE ALL HER SINGLES....

When it comes to issues of the heart I try not to hold any judges because honeslty when love controls our every emotion, when we're truly in love, or hungry for love our heart will take us thru drastic measures all on the account of it....Be Blessed && full of love.