Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Look out for Detox: Kendrick Lamar

 Look Out For Detox by Kendrick Lamar
Another beat by Dre.

"Scratch like a hall of fame DJ, give us some free J's, put us in the Pj's now we in the county jail callin for a 3way"

I know many folks are fearing the "main stream" change that many great artists face when they hit the main line but when I listen to Kendrick I realize his loyalty to the Coast. In many of his interviews he often reminisces of 90's hip hop with small stories of how he remembers these songs as a kid growing up in the city or in neighborhoods us LA natives know & understand. He also incorporates names, lines, lyrics and symbols of old hip hop elements in his music. Such as saying, "He's soo sincere like Nas". Belly fans know what he's talking about!! I'm not afraid, keep doing what you're doing for the coast. I love it!

Remembering the first time I heard K.Dot via Nipsey Hussle: January 2009


Tiara said...

Hi!! Thanks for stopping by my blog.... I'm a Kendrick fan as well. I love what LA hip-hop has going on right now. hope to meet you soon! xxo Tiara

Natalie said...

Hey Tiara!! Same here, thank you!! Yay I love mutual Kendrick fans which means you know great music! Kudos!