Monday, November 22, 2010

Who is Black Hippy? && [A Small Homage 2 WC Rap]

Some of the most beautiful gems can be found in places you never look. I'm referring to that real hip hop, not the bubble gum watered down radio BS they call HIP HOP! Naw my real heads && music fans in general who support their coast or the movement know whats up! So let me introduce you to Black Hippy.

@Kendrick _Lamar  @SchoolboyQ @JayRock

Black Hippy is composed of Ab-Soul, Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q & Jay Rock.  All these artist have their own footprint in the game by putting them together only unified and intensified this new west hip hop movement. Last week all of LA was going crazy....  we've been listening to Kendrick Rep Compton & the coast anticipating his raise...So for big names such as Dr. Dre (who broke Em) shout him out on the radio as the next big thing was HUGE! Love it! I'm excited for the coast.

I don't know what I love about Schoolboy Q more, the fact that he copped some Griffey's in the video, he's wearing #32 on his shirt or his lyrics... DOPE!!!

Also SHOUT OUT to the homie Rezee on the 1:04 Mark....Reppin' the Nickersons ALL the way!
If you don't know Rezee has a video on WSHH w/ Big Fase 100 & works with my fam over at the
POWER OF TEN Complex. Big ups!

Check out his mix tapes: Schoolboy to Hustla & Gangsta & Soul. Set Backs is due out soon.

Link for Gangsta & Soul:

but that place we call heaven unfair to me
 only 144 can go
seven billion people on planet earth today
 is there something that i dont know?

Here is the link for Kendrick Lamar's current album Overly Dedicated, Please TREAT yourself to some GREAT music for FREE:

The female in the middle is Jhene, she's the singer of the chorus.

Schoolboy Q Smashin his verse of Michael Jordan..."I'm FROM HOOVA Mayne"..haha he says it with so much POWER!  Wesss!

 Had the privledge of being able to check them out. My girl Alana came out to support, I knew she'd enjoy the show..We've been talking about Kendrick for a long time!


Alana (Birthday Girl) & Me. We're at the Conga Room downtown @ LA LIVE

Monet & Me

We're 2 much for you niggas & 3 much for you hoes...Michael Jordan Bitch! -@Kendrick _Lamar

I'm very passionate about hip hop, esp. west coast rap. I'm 31 years old and grew up in a time when West Coast was HUGE and everyone wanted our swagg. I am old enough to remember when Gangsta Rap started and how it was all embedded into hip hop. I'll never forget the first time I heard Eazy E's Boyz in the Hood or Snoop & Dre's ain't nuttin 'but a G thang or the death of Pac when I was 16.  Or how I played Quik is the Name over & over & over again on my walkman. & I'm GROWN enough to know the difference between SUPPORT & the rest of that fuckery. :)

Vibe Article from 2003 that I've saved for years:

Often glamorized, and almost always simplified, the hood we know and lived thru is a complex place. The hood we know is for your family, and your man who holds you down. The hood is loyalty. The hood is faith. The hood is struggle. The hood is standing up for what you believe in, and not being scared. The hood is keeping it real with yourself, while still using game to get over. All these elements of the hood are woven into the same fabric of Hip-Hop. So in other words, the hood is at the heart of Hip-Hop.....Vibe 2003

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