Tuesday, November 30, 2010

K Dash...Epic Fail? U B the JUDGE!

As we know Kourt & Kim have been in NYC for the past couple months opening their new store and promoting the heck out the "KARDASHIAN" brand. With a new tell-all book being released this week..they have been BUSY. I've been watching the girls outfits while in NYC, and it's soo obvious that they both feel out of their element & are trying so hard to dress the way they believe NYC'ers do! You be the judge!

I personally think the Kardashian's have been reading the blogs & forums because I see that their style is starting to go back to how they normally dress in LA.

"They are dressing the way think THINK NY'ers do but actually don't, instead of just being themselves. You got a self proclaimed former stylist..who is supposed to be..well, stylish & has a stylist & is dressing like a 45 yr old trophy wife with to much plastic surgery. And you have Kourtney who is typically minimalist all of a sudden..dressing the total opposite..dressing a bit to extra looking like a eccentric old lady who covers her furniture in plastic."...Mystic Blog owner of www.grownblackandsexy.org/forum

Where are your Butt pads Kim?

 Is anyone else not really caring about this whole...Starting-Dec 1st-Im-No-longer-tweeting-until-I-raise-1million dollars? Big deal! You have the money! Donate it!!
Biggest EPIC FAIL...Dating Halle's baby daddy...TSK TSK

Photo credits to Grown Black & Sexy.


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