Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 7: Something you ate today

It's only 10:45 am. :)

I came into work yesterday after our Thanksgiving break & there was a box of See's chocolates on my desk w/ this note.

One of our Associates was out at a meeting at the school district in Redondo Beach when her Mother called frantically stating there was something wrong with her Son, it was an emergency, and I must find her Daughter NOW! I had a million thoughts in my head as I put her on hold. I almost had tears running down my face imagining if that phone call was for me in regards to my baby girl. I was able to track down the Superintendent of the district she was at, her assistant was kind enough to pull her out and I was able to connect her with her Mother.  The poor lady (in her 80's) was on hold probably for 15 minutes, but I kept going back, checking on her and updating her on the status.

Turns out, it was a scam. Someone from another country was preying on the old & told her that there was a problem w/ her Grandson and she must send 1,000 dollars NOW. *SMDH*

There is a serious problem with this world, people have no idea the impact this type of crap does. Especially to elder people who are already confused.

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