Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekend [RECAP]


I'm a huge numerology nut && all things #'s... I pay attention to how certain numbers appear in my life && have specific meaning. My #'s are 3, 9 and all #'s equalling 9. This is the counter on the wall by the pool table we use.
6 + 4= 10 = 1+0 = 1

24 is Kobe Bryant my favorite player or 2+4 = 6 Maxx's favoite #.

45 is Michael Jordans' # && 4+5=9

18 my daughter's birthday && 1+8 = 9

Also, the last two balls were both orange. Orange Strip #5

Solid Orange was # 13.  13+5=18   1+8=9

So we left & played the lotto for $118 Million. 

Our #'s ....

After going to bed at 4 AM, we woke up at 9 AM to get to Downtown by 11 to hit up Artisanal LA 2010.  Artisanal was located in the (Cooper Building) which in the Fashion District of LA. This particular building is the show room to many designers.

Here we sampled some mostly organic, gluten free, healthy..blah blah blah products.

On my way.....

I love Coke && Coffee. So he stood next to this Kid who explained this perfect drink && how it was made. Dished out 3 bucks and HERE YOU GO!

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Cold Brew coffee cubes + bio plastic cup + Mexican cola with REAL sugar = LOVE

Random Downtown Pic

I also loved All Jarred Up, which is a pie in a jar. All you do is warm it up && there you go! I tried the apple and it was TDF!!!

 & Jonathan's Signature Truffles at were also TDF! OMG you have to look at the website & see some of their designs!!

Highlight: Picking fresh herbs that we planted in pots to take home to Maxx's Mom, Learning about Urban Detox, a drink made by Function Drinks. It's a "hangover" reflief drink && taking home several free goodies to enjoy.

LowLight: Too many sweets && not enough food vendors. && a lady with yucky Cherry & Honey jam which tasted nasty got mad at us for not taking her business card. Boo to you lady!!

A Couple new items I picked up for Fall:
 JPK Paris 75 Satchel.  I love it, it has nylon & leather with chunky hardware. Perfect for Winter & School for me!!

For more info on JPK visit their website: previously known as Antiprema nuevo bags

 New boots I snagged @ TjMaxx
Argyle tights from f21 && matched them with my pearls my Mom gave me for Christmas. She told me every woman over 30 should have a real pearl set. Do you agree?


Anonymous said...

love it! im always doing the numerical adding when i see stuff too. its a crazy thing! and this one was way "weird" as i call it, so many "weird" things have been happening to me to. so many signs.
love D-

Natalie said...

Hey Dani...Exactly!! you & me are soo much like that!! I'm always adding stuff up or paying attn to #'s...LOL SIGNS everywhere!!! xoxo

Mystique said...

Lord, do not tempt me with those boots from TJ Maxx. (Your a good one for buying in that material) I always found it's a pain to clean when it gets dirty. I drive a TJ Maxx often and i tell myself I got to stay away. It's bad enough that Marshalls and Ross are like crack to me.