Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekend Recap: New Hair

I did a few things this weekend that I haven't done ever, or in a while. Friday night the Mr. && I went to Santa Monica pier && ate at Bubba Gump Shrimp. I completely missed out on the infamous Forest bus stop sneaker opp. :( We ended up sharing shrimper's heaven & a bucket of steamed shellfish. OMG, TDF.... we ate every last piece of food. We were laughing so hard as we left because it was a WRAP!

Saturday I wasn't feeling to well so I didn't end up going to football, after a talk with my Dad about my rest he convinced me to take it easy..and get some dang cough medicine! So I got my medicine, relaxed, went and ate lunch at the Seafood buffet. I was trying to convice the Mr. to eat this Octopus after he so bravely ate all the mussels && everything else foreign at Bubbas.

I saw a Tweet came through from @IBJeffG from @Power106LA that they were right by where we were eating. I walked up and Jeff G approached me. I knew the voice but I didn't recognize him. I love SPORTS DUDE!!! LOL I've been listening to him do AM sports for about 3 years now. Anyway, he hooked us up with tickets to the Orange County Auto Show in Anaheim, 2 movie tickets, 2 shirts & a couple folders. DOPE CAT!

While at the Auto Show I found my new favorite autos for 2011, the GMC Terrain, it's such a cute little SUV. The picture makes it look larger than what it is.  Also, the  2011 Honda Cross Tour. OMG I feel in love because it similar to the Accord but larger. So sleek and nice inside!! xoxo

So I decided to cut my mane. I handed my boyfriend my shears and let him to the honors. LOL I cut off a good 6-7 inches off the back. I died it dark mahogany and waaaallaaaa....LOL

My eyes are a holiday palette by Landcome that I've had for ages. 

I have Miss Ross by Mac on my lips w/ Pop Gloss by Givenchy over it.

Just a little sassy pucker for the lip color! :)

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