Friday, October 1, 2010

I LOVE DYLAN!! && No I'm not talking 90210!!

I can't verbally explain my love for a nice quality handbag!! Smooshy, smelly, soft leather makes me go insane...Okay, I'm putting a 100 on a 99 ....but it's true. I love a nice leather handbag, that doesn't necessarily have monograms plastered all on it....I let the hardware & leather speak for itself!! 

Meet Dylan, my handbag of the day.  I discovered Linea Pelle about 3 years ago from The Purse Forum, and it was love at first site!! I have a few bags by LP but this is my absolute FAVORITE! Dylan Zipe Tote.

Mine is in a green color that discontinued, but they brought back the black!!

Here are some celeb photos of Dylan in action!

Do you own a LP? If so which one? Also, have you been to any of their sample sales? Curious to know how they're!!

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