Friday, October 1, 2010

Have You Ever Been in Love?

I love this song by Talib Kweli...It's about a guy that's been a playa forever but he met that special someone that made him want to settle down. Is this fairytale? Does real love like this happen to men? Can it just hit them in the face one day? I don't know. I'm such a hopeless romantic that I'm a believer. I love the Lyrics...Pay homage to LOVE baby!!
Check out this video..Kinda long because they made it into a little story!

You looked good when I tried you on
So I had to write a song
Use to be the guy that always made her cry when I'm gone
Always kept a stable and I never spent a night alone
no cable or no hard line phone why
I'm never home scared of commitment
Ready to forever roam
We at war like sister souljah and she welcome to my terror dome
Head strong our connection proved them haters dead wrong
From now to R.I.P. Proceeds my name up on the headstone
Leave her be for five minutes
Dudes try to dive in it first
They want to spit on my name and tarnish my image
I tell them do you I don't care who she speaking with
Because I already know she made it clear who she leaving with
And it feels so beautiful
Put it in a rhyme because it feel so musical
Plus you ain't no groupie hoe
Sitting in the studio
Before we do this though there something that you should know.....

I don't care what people say
As long as you and me okay
Because I never been in love before
See I use to be a player and
All of this is new to me
And this ain't what I'm used to see
Because I never been in love before

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