Monday, September 13, 2010

My Make-Up Favs && a little history!

I've worn make-up since the day my Mom told me not to. I think it started in about the 8th grade && pretty much evolved from there! My first MAC make-up experience wasn't until I was 18 when my BFFE gave me a gift certificate for my birthday! I've been head over heels since. I have a few favorites that earn the respect they do after being a make-up wearer for over 15 years. My skin type is oily, acne prone with large pores & dark circles under my eyes! Sounds like the dream skin for any woman right?? Ummm NOT!!! Generally my daily make-up mon-fri is done in my car because I don't have time! But I get a little creative on the weekends...Here are some of my MUST HAVE && FAVS!!!

1. HOOLA by Benefit - Best bronzer I've used hands down!! && it lasts FOREVER! After doing my foundation && a little face powder or sometimes in leau of...I use this Bronzer as a powder. Just light brush this over your cheeks && forhead for a matte sun-kissed sexy look!  $28 @ Sephora w/ over 900 reviews averaging at almost a perfect 5 rating. I know I'm not alone on this!

2. NARS Oil Free sheer matte foundation in Deauville - This is a very light coverage that does an awesome job!! I hate that caked up look and this does the exact opposite!! Oil free so it works perfect w/ my skin. $42 at Sephora

3. Clinique's Pore Minimizer in Invisible Light - LOVES THIS...helps eliminate pores appearance times 10!!! Give a natural looking, long lasting matte look!! Almost perfect ratings on Sephora with 5 stars!! $17.50 && worth every penny!!

4.  NARS pressed powder in Beach - Not a big powder person nor do I wear it a lot or re-apply during the day, but since the weather has been a lot warmer here in so. cal I've been using it through out the day. Works great, again not cakey!! $32 @ Sephora

5. VS Beauty Rush Lip Gloss - Very natural almost clear color, gives a little extra shine && keeps the lips nice and moist! I have several of these glosses, I love them for the price!! I think they're about 8 bucks!

6. Prada Hydrating Gel Cream - I LOVE LOVE LOVE this cream...I use it on my face under my eyes when I need some extra glow or life to my face after a long day/night for early morning refresher!! Lightweight fast absorbing tinted gel moisturizer Formulated with beneficial ingredients for intensive care Caffeine yeast freeze dried aloe cucumber tone skin Phytoderm sugars hyaluronic acid lock in moisture to keep skin hydrated Boosts micro-minerals event out to add radiance Leaves skin fresh supple glow Suitable for all skin types. You can snag these online they range from 50-80 bucks for a little box of 4.

What are some of you must-haves or favs?? Let me know I'm always looking for new items!

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