Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Born & Raised in COMPTON!

Who is Kendrick Lamar?

haha...I've always wanted to dup Eazy's saying.... " I was born & raised in Compton"....However, I wasn't but Kendrick Lamar was!! Ask any head who's up on game in the Los Angeles music scene, and they will know the name Kendrick Lamar and more importantly, his music. He's signed to Top Dawg Entertainment & co-signed by Jay Rock...also 1/4th of the Crew..BLACK HIPPY. 

Check out the latest video of Kendrick Featuring my good friend @Mo_Bliss

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Chelsea A. said...

I swear im falling in love with kendrick lamar, well with is music.... Growing Apart and Cut you off are by far my favorite right now .... lol thnks for shouting out my bff @mo_bliss ....