Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Whipped Lightening!!

Just in time for some NYE fun

The world's first alcohol-infused whipped cream

Introducing Whipped Lightning®, the world’s first alcohol-infused whipped cream. A tasty topping that can dress up any drink. Try it on shots & shooters, cocktails, martinis, coffees, or frozen beverages as well as spicing up your favorite desserts.

Check out their website for flavors & locations:

Friday, December 24, 2010

Capes & Coats for Cold weather

With Christmas day on the horizon, I can't help but wish for a white one, however I'm a Cali girl & my reality is we've just barely received our first week of real cold weather at 52 degrees. Here we are the day before this joyous day & it's still at 55... Needless to say it's time to bring out those Capes & Coats  Here are a few of my favorite styles.

Daily Constitutional Coat by Anthropologie $298

Ribbed coat by Asos $98

Coast Sophia Cape $189 from $379

California Fleece by American Apparel $65

Jovanna Belted Trench $41 from $163 on

Maternity Toggle Coat by Old Navy $40 from $80

Wildfox Couture Queen of Hearts on Urban Outfitters $148

Gambler by Viva Velna $190

I scored on this light weight cape from Asos....
Asos Military Knitted Cape $31 from $62

What are your favs?

Thursday, December 23, 2010


There are oodles of booties that I'm gawking over. I wish I had a couple thousand, I'd put together some fly outfits! But for now, let's window shop.

Heftner by Aldo $99 on Sale now

Tatum by Dolce Vita $242

Patty Lace Up by Ash $280

Jagger by Dolce Vita $147

And for the pair my budget could afford....

Trecker by Asos $46.55 from $86
I can't wait to put these suckers on.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Epic fail..But The MARATHON Continues

Nipsey Hussle's debut 'South Central State of Mind' had been delayed by Epic Records for almost two years with no explanation, and today the rapper revealed what fans were hoping for all along; Nipsey's finally left his label for an indie. In an interview with HipHopDX, the South Central, Los Angeles native discussed his new deal with All Money In Records and the alleged Dr. Dre diss on his new mixtape, 'The Marathon.'

"Honestly, I was always independent before I signed to Epic," Nipsey explained. "The way that Epic heard about me was through our movement as All Money In; what we was doing in L.A. as far as mixtapes ... as far as the touring we was doing just in our region. We just gonna go back to doing what we been doing."

Nipsey says things ended pretty amicably and the fallout was a result of the label's own internal changes. "Half of the staff is gonna be laid off or fired," he said of Epic, which was acquired by Columbia Records, "and the original staff that brought me in the building, that shared the original vision of really what Nipsey Hussle was, they're all gone." The rapper will luckily own all his own original recordings. "I'ma walk away with all my masters; I'ma walk away un-obligated, with my brand built, and it's all love and respect for everybody at Epic. We took a chance together. It was a lot of money spent, a lot of success together, and it's no hard feelings."

Despite appearing on a leaked track allegedly intended for Dre's long-delayed opus 'Detox,' Nipsey appears to have sent a warning shot at the West Coast legend on the song 'Mr. Untouchable,' spitting "High 'til we die/ So it's muthaf--- a 'Detox.'" According to Nipsey, if you're not with him, you're against him, no matter who you are.

"I mean, it ain't a shot, 'cause it doesn't [say] 'f--- [Dr.] Dre.'" Nipsey said of the line. "It ain't nothin' personal to Dre, it ain't nothin' personal against 'Detox ... N----s take it how they take it ... I ain't never really reached out to Dre, or Dre ain't never really reached out to me, so it ain't a shot against him, it's just, my focus is on what I'm doing now. I'm basically in a mindset of like, either you with me or you against me type s---. So, the n----s that's with me, they on the right side, anybody else [is] in the line of fire. And when I shoot I'ma knock heads off."

'South Central State of Mind' is once again without a release date.

DOWNLOAD: The Marathon Continues that..cause I'm a Gangsta, neva been a mark ass busta....

YAP YAP, Kokane on the track makes this shit official west coast..hit....

Griffey's for the ladies!

It is safe to say the of the White/Black-Sport Red colorway of the Nike Air Griffey Max 1 is one of the most highly anticipated sneakers of 2011. Additionally, Nike will release this women’s exclusive Nike Air Griffey Max 1 some time in 2011. This pair features a mainly black premium leather construction with multiple pink details, namely on the side panels and laceholders. Also, the visible Air unit section, located on the white sole, add to the vivid appeal of this shoe. We understand if some of you guys take a liking to this sneaker. As, stated earlier, look for this Nike Air Griffey Max 1 Black/Pink-White to hit retailers in 2011.

Literally Detoxing

Look who's hanging courtside with The Doc? Fun times for this legendary icon & for this young man whose future is looking bright.

Get excited folks, I see great things coming.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Fashionista Spotlight & Music Remixx

Keyshia Cole

R & B Soul, real life family issues, side pony tails, big hoops & 
we can't forget about her boughetto FAB fits!
If there is one R&B chick that I fully support (aside from Monica), it's Keyshia Cole.
I fell in love with her personality from watching her show.
She's just relateable.

From her powerhouse voice to her tatted up skin, I LOVE it. She truly.."Does Her"...

Unique & Dope Hairstyles...

A true hustler in the game who always claimed her own fame.



With a new CD out & a Video that I adore.

I love the nails, the hair, the outfits, each & every accessory & bag...

It's a LOONNGGG WAY down....
Ladies are we feeling it?
Whew her Fiance Bobby one tall sexy chocolate tatt'd up fella...

I'm happy 4 Keyshia..with a new baby & newly engaged..get it girl!!

Just when I said that I was through with love, there he was....


My Recent Winter Favs

Winter Favs
1. Jade Earrings my Mom gifted me with for Christmas. I love Jade & oriental stuff period. Green is one of my favorite colors & I'm a true sucker for superstition.  In Chinese culture, jade is believed to be a link between the physical and spiritual worlds, and is thought to be the material form that most completely embodies both the yin and yang qualities of Heaven and Earth. Thus it is called, "the stone of Heaven."

2. Suedette Heeled Work Boot $34.80

3. Moonwalk Ring by Lia Sophia $68 - If you would like to order one (or anything), you can order from my personal family member

4. Military inspired jacket by $68-80, snagged for about $3 from their sample sale.  Also in the photo is my FAVORITE early Christmas's a 14kt gold Rosary. I've wanted a real one for sooo long. xoxo Now I can say my Hail Mary's & Our Father's...:)

A closer view of my earrings


Can you believe Christmas is only 5 days away? It's been non stop raining since Friday. Supposed to clear up by Friday. 

Friday, December 17, 2010

Oh You Fancy huh? Nails did....

   The Show Must Go On by OPI
        2010 Burlesque Collection

In my gift bag from Snowball I received The Show Must Go On from the Burlesque Collection.  It's a beautiful, foily, glowy pinky red or red-pink, with a duochrome gold flash.  So last night I had my nails done with this color. I first did my toes and I was't so happy with two coats, it was a tab too pink for me so for  my nails I put Garnet Red under The Show Must Go On & this is what it looks like.  I also changed the shape of my nail to the more trendy oval shaped.

Here is an example of The Show Must Go On with three coats on natural nail.

Do you have any other colors from this collection? Which are your favs?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dos Cannons!

After all the hinting and denying, Nick Cannon finally put the rumors about wife Mariah Carey to rest on his radio show this morning by telling listeners: "We are having twins."

And who managed to get the news out of the star couple? President Barack Obama.

While performing at TNT's Christmas in Washington 2010 on Sunday, Carey, 40, ran into the president and first lady Michelle Obama backstage. "They, ironically enough, questioned my wife about, you know, 'So, what are you having, are you having twins?' " Cannon said Thursday morning on his 92.3 Rollin' With Nick Cannon radio show.

"And at this point she hadn't told anybody anything because doctors advised us to keep it to ourselves until we get further along," he said. "And because of the excitement, because of the emotion, she was overwhelmed [and] she shared with the president and first lady that we are having twins."

He did not reveal the due date.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Look out for Detox: Kendrick Lamar

 Look Out For Detox by Kendrick Lamar
Another beat by Dre.

"Scratch like a hall of fame DJ, give us some free J's, put us in the Pj's now we in the county jail callin for a 3way"

I know many folks are fearing the "main stream" change that many great artists face when they hit the main line but when I listen to Kendrick I realize his loyalty to the Coast. In many of his interviews he often reminisces of 90's hip hop with small stories of how he remembers these songs as a kid growing up in the city or in neighborhoods us LA natives know & understand. He also incorporates names, lines, lyrics and symbols of old hip hop elements in his music. Such as saying, "He's soo sincere like Nas". Belly fans know what he's talking about!! I'm not afraid, keep doing what you're doing for the coast. I love it!

Remembering the first time I heard K.Dot via Nipsey Hussle: January 2009

My Current Favorite LIPS!

Loving nude lips with a little
pop of a natural looking neutral color
My current favorite daily wear lips!

Mac [lustre] Fresh Brew, Mac [cremesheen] Creme D'Nude
& Stila Kitten lip glaze

I Love  both of these lipsticks, they look fab with Stila's Kitten or Grapefruit, or Mac's C-thru or Revelon's peachy.


I'm waring Creme D'Nude with Stila's Kitten on top, as you can see it's very light.
On my eyes I'm wearing the Goddess Trio by Stila that came in my Music Beauty Box that I snagged at the warehouse sale. $25 bucks with over $130 bucks of beauty products in it.

I'm wearing a jacket by Tulle, that I snagged at their sample sale. I had a trash bag full of stuff for $42 bucks

What's your favorite daily lipstick? Do you go dark during the day?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Weekly Fashion Picks

From street chic to red carpet glam, these are my weekly top picks




Which are your favs? Can you believe it was 84 degrees in Los Angeles on Sunday?

photo credits to:

[NEW JOiNT] Fabolous - You Be Killin' Em

I guess after the release of Kanye's arm, Amber had to resort back to her day job. I don't know about you, but this girl's body is sick! Makes me want to literally run to the gym.  I love Fab, he's prob one of my favorite all time lyricist. He has stayed relevant for years.  His lyrics & metaphors are dope. Swag for days.

Been playin with that green long as Paul Pierce
So you gotta ball harder than them ball players
All she wanna know is there a mall near us
Can't fault her, the last nigga spoiled her
But he ain't beat it up, I assault her
Shoulda seen her come to me when I called her
Slow strut like she walking to the altar
Hand bag on her arm cost four bills
And she ain't gotta beg, borrow or steal
Often imitated, never duplicated
They say she a dime, I say she underrated
I just met her so the next solution
Dead my old chick, execution

In a fitted cap and some Timbo's J's
And a pair of flats, well trimmed toes
Camera in the mirror, BBM Pose
Still killin em hoes


Kardashian Fashion Empire in Crisis
Fashionistas may need to find a new trio of sisters to keep up with.

Two major hits to the Kardashian fashion empire surfaced on Thursday. The first: Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian's line with Bebe stores has come to a close for now.

"We are very pleased with the performance of the 'Kardashians for bebe' apparel collection and have immensely enjoyed our design collaboration with Kim, Khloe and Kourtney. They are terrific brand ambassadors and resonate really well with our clients," the official statement for Bebe said. "Our original ready to wear agreement with the Kardashians began last February and will conclude with the upcoming Resort Delivery."
The announcement comes on the heels of Bebe president Emilia Fabricant revealing he was reconsidering their partnership. "The sisters do still have relevance. We need to move with fashion and we want to be first in the fashion world with everybody else and not fall behind," Fabricant told WWD as reported by's The Cut blog. "We are definitely assessing the situation.

But wait, there's more: Thursday's New York Times Critical Shopper column called the sisters' NYC Dash boutique a major fashion don't.

"Dash is a fashion desert, just oodles of drippy cowl necks and embellished cap sleeves and synthetic fibers," the story reported. "Clothes are essentially split into two categories of fit: vacuum-sealed and hot-air balloon."
The overpriced clothes, including an animal print dress for $308 and a hat for $430, seemed questionable at best. "You could wear this look, in the same way you could hire an enthusiastic 5-year-old as your stylist," Times writer Jon Caramanica snipes.
Not all of the boutique's items are so costly. In an area the column dubs "the gift shop," visitors can purchase a Dash-branded water with a picture of the sisters for a mere $10, Kardashian tanning products, and QuikTrim products hawked by Kim.

Shoppers tend to do more browsing than actual purchasing, Caramanica says. "As in most theme parks, there wasn't anything worth carrying away but memories."
But no, the A-Team, my reliable shopping compatriots, did not come all this way to rain misery and scorn on the Kardashians. Our embrace isn’t post-ironic or contempt-driven; it’s genuine. The Kardashians are make-gooders, admirable for their persistence and good cheer.

Not that the clothes didn’t have ambition. “High-end knockoffs,” scoffed Bolt — which is to say, overpriced knockoffs of already overpriced things. A long-sleeved hot pink velvet minidress by Backstage ($176) was a direct Betsey Johnson rip, and one of only a handful of splashes of color in the store. There were even a pair of shoppers who were high-end knockoffs of Kris and Bruce, the sisters’ mother and stepdad. (Higher-end, if I’m being completely honest.)

But an oversize, heavily draped Native American-inspired Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent vest ($456), which Bolt proclaimed to be perfect for “Kim at the airport,” reminded me most of an H & M ad on a bus shelter near my apartment: “Cardigan, $29.95.”

A floppy suede Eugenia Kim hat ($276) suggested a daytime Kourtney, or a nighttime Khloé. One of the store’s best items was a hooded draped black vest, by Rachel Pally ($226), suitable either for a post-yoga Kim, or stylish pagans.

It’s difficult not to imagine Dash as the Kardashians’ personal closet. Why aren’t the clothes sold in mini-environments corresponding to each sister? You know if you’re a Kim or a Khloé. Why have to dig around to find the clothes to match?

Some items were baffling. Even Khloé on her worst pre-marriage day might have struggled with the pink fur shrug ($484). The less said of the leisure-wear by Wildfox Couture, which makes Juicy Couture look like Rick Owens, the better. Bolt sniffed out a pair of black sequined leggings from 6126 Collection by Lindsay Lohan ($154). Ace puzzled over a pair of what appeared to be kneeless tights: “Who wants to show that part of their body?”

The most perplexing item in the store was a gorgeous black moto-esque leather jacket by Veda ($738), whose closet-size Ludlow Street storefront is consistently stunning. Had something this fantastic been misrouted by U.P.S.?

Such questions about clothes might not matter at all. One section of the store had reasonably priced trinkets to commemorate one’s visit — call it the gift shop. There were bottles of Dash-branded water with a photo of the sisters visible on the inside (a mere $10), candles, a Kardashian tanning product, Kim-endorsed QuickTrim items. (These are less damaging to the pocketbook than the recently discontinued Kardashian Kard, a prepaid credit card that was pulled for its predatory fee structure.)

Even those low-hanging fruit weren’t tempting to all. “We’re just here for the weekend, shopping,” one customer told a salesclerk, though she left without even a bottle of Dash water to show her friends back home. We had to concur: As in most theme parks, there wasn’t anything worth carrying away but memories.

That night, Fleur dreamed of Khloé, intimately. “I think that when I dream about a Kardashian,” she wrote in an e-mail, “I’m really dreaming about myself.”

How do you guys feel about the Kardashian Sisters? Do you think they're too branded? I personally love women who are independent & grind it out for their success.

Photo Credits to: GrownBlack&