Wednesday, March 4, 2009

03', Manolo Blahniks && Jenny From the Block

Alright, I'm a Jenny Fan. I can't lie. Her style is out of this world. She truly, IMO, set the tone for a lot of these newer fashionistas. I.E. Kim Kardashian, who of course openly admits Jennifer Lopez inspires her.

Alright so I'm doing a "remix" throwback with a video && a throwback fad! I started to think of the times when I wore Gauchos, a golf hat and paired them with the infamous Blahnik Timbs. I wasn't Jenny from the Block, or even from New York but damn it, I tried!!! These were the female answer to the Men's Timbs, the true definition of GHETTO FABULOUS!
Did you own a pair? I remember getting mine shipped directly from New York after frantically calling everywhere while online with my fashionistas on Elle. Those were the days! I wore mine with Fatigue pants tied at the bottom and a plain white wife beater. I partied in them once, got a bunch of drink spilled on them, and they were DONEDADA!

Nipsey Hussle....LA STAND UP!



"The perspective from LA is from Snoop and Ice Cube and them," Nipsey says. "Them niggas is grown. They did they stuff, but they out of that element now. They on some other shit. So it's like people want to hear what's going on in the streets [now] and that's what I'm providing with this record.".....Nipsey

I'm all about the west coast and anything related. So when I see a hot young, All Money In, no money out, type cat reppin' The Land, I have to support it! I love artists coming outta LA because shoot, it's HOME. We can relate to what he's talking about and he speaks for the streets.
You already know what it is. From the way he greets you, to the words that he speaks. The uniform he wears is bold, aggressive and absolutely intimidating. He's authentic - the offspring of the West Coast's most celebrated talent - yet and still a novelty all his own. In an industry that's fallen victim to bubble gum lyrics and erroneous dance fads to match, he's the spokesperson the block wants for. He's the sociopolitical outrage of Ice Cube and N.W.A. He's Snoop Dogg before you knew his name and Ice T after an unexpected knock at 6 o'clock in the morning. He's the very definition of Slauson & Crenshaw - a self-inspired movement and a name you can trust.
He is Nipsey Hussle.A devout member of the Rolling Sixty Crips, Nipsey Hussle emerged from one of the most respected sets in Los Angeles. Situated in the middle of South Central, he's as poised a banger as there comes. "I try to keep a balance with my career and who I am aside from that." says Nipsey. "It's kinda hard, but I try to stay the same nigga and balance both worlds. You don't wanna forget where you come from and at the same time, you don't wanna fuck off your blessing tryna live the same lifestyle you been living."The first signee of Cinematic/Koch/Epic Records joint venture, Nipsey Hussle is effectively building momentum as a rising emcee, while sacrificing the only way of life he's ever known. All in anticipation of a summer '09 debut, his singles, "They Roll" and "Bullets Ain't Got No Name," both featuring the Black Wallstreet CEO, are lyrical proof that Nipsey Hussle is here to stay. Slated to feature the likes of The GAME, Snoop Dogg, Kokane, Letoya Williams and Nipsey Hussle's own Slauson Boyz, 'All Money In' is a healthy dose of honesty, reality and life from an authentic perspective.
Here is a photo I took @ Club Nokia. Nipsey is currently on The LAX tour with Game.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Crossbody bags, B. Makowsky && a great eye

How do you feel about Crossbody bags? Someone told me these things are making a come back! So while out shopping a cpl weeks ago, I came across this ADORABLE crossbody bag, I pick it up and guess who it's by.......B. Makowsky. Ya see, I'm the type of chick that can settle for NICE leather bag I don't need monograms plastered all over it && such.

A little history:
The B. Makowsky brand combines fine leathers, sleek hardware and stylish designs to create affordable leather handbags for today’s marketplace. With much attention to quality, our classic handbags feel great with a look that is timeless.

Named after Bruce Makowsky, the brand was created by himself and wife Kathy (of Kathy Van Zeeland fame) in 2006. Their success at growing the brand in two years has been unprecedented, and they truly want their customers to feel luxurious and be complimented on having great style with a B. Makowsky handbag.

Anyway, ladies keep your eyes open because there is no need to spend the $$$ when the hot stuff is in your face, just see past the logo. :)

The bag I'm wearing is the Glove Leather East/West Zip Top Crossbody Bag retails for $138, but ya girl copped it for $40!

Video of the Week= NEVER EVER BY CIARA

Ciara is amazing, her dancing skills are impecable and her shoe game WHILE dancing is vicious! Not only do I love this video because of the song itself && her dancing but JEEZY is swagger SPLASHIN hard!! Something about the Black Sox Cap, black pinstripe Starter jacket, and 501's! So simple but like he says.......

Alright, alright, alright, okay...
I see ya point, I must admit
I grind, I grind, I grind all day
This paper's what I'm trynna get
Now normally when I'm paper chasing, I be having tunnel vision
And if it's really like that lady, just turn on ya television
And there go Young, I said there go Young, you trynna get it did
Just know I gets it done, she love the I cheat
She love the way I move, I sho, I show up to her
Shows wit bout 100 goons
Its black this, black that
Black card, black flags
I really hope that's money that ya'll got off in them black bags (ha ha)
808's & heartbreak,
State troopers & interstates,
Giving me a bad vibe,
Guess I'm just a bad guy

Can you do the Matrix?? I tried but I don't how Miss Ciara can get it that low! Skills!

Blog Spot Virgin!

I'm such a virgin to the Blog Spot world! I love to write about anything fun && funky...Hip Hop related or Urban Street. I love Fashion but great bargains even more! I live in LA, but not the west side! I intend on bloggin about anything and everything that crosses my world.

I took this photo on Sunday night before I was about to leave to see Busta Ryhmes live @ Club Nokia in Downtown LA. You may have heard about the new area downtown, called L.A Live. So far I have spent several nights out on this side of the town, and it's poppin' to say the least.

Bargain outfit:

Shoes by Nine West $40

Top & jeans both purchased @ Slauson Swap Meet totalling $55.

I rocked it out with the Dylan Speedy by Linea Pelle & a single gold bangle..
Minimal make-up with a dash of Miss Dior Cherie!