Monday, December 21, 2009

Say NO to Acrylics!!!

I'm a nail biter!  The worst habit any girl can ask for! So for the past 17 years, I've worn acrylics. I recently discovered Japanese nail art, and gel gradation.  I did extensive research to find the right place to go, && it just so happened to be in my back yard. Gel nails are done over your natural nails, no electric sanders, etc. Just gel, your nail, some glitter && 3D nail art if you wish.  If you google Japanese nail art or gel gradation, you will find lots of different styles and looks.  Here is what I got:

Nails done by Yoku @ Brillante Artistic Nail in Gardena, CA

I opted for the oval look that is really big in Japan right now, I've seen Beyonce & Rihanna rock this style too.  I added two 4 leaf clovers & a strawberry for 3D Nail Art that is done in colored powder. All the nail art and gel extensions are done by hand. Took 2 hours, total cost $94.

I wasn't feeling the Oval look afterall and asked her to shorten the length. Had a gel fill done,  changed two of the glitter colors to red and added rhinestones on 4 fingers. Total $50.
Remember all done by hand, no sanders!


Fashion, Music, Life said...

This is that calgel thing. I tried it a few months ago but I'm still letting my nails heal I had acrylics on for a few months. I love your nails though it's so festive =)

Natalie said...

Thanks! Yes the gel w/ no acrylics..I like it, it was just too costly! :(