Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Video of the Week= NEVER EVER BY CIARA

Ciara is amazing, her dancing skills are impecable and her shoe game WHILE dancing is vicious! Not only do I love this video because of the song itself && her dancing but JEEZY is swagger SPLASHIN hard!! Something about the Black Sox Cap, black pinstripe Starter jacket, and 501's! So simple but like he says.......

Alright, alright, alright, okay...
I see ya point, I must admit
I grind, I grind, I grind all day
This paper's what I'm trynna get
Now normally when I'm paper chasing, I be having tunnel vision
And if it's really like that lady, just turn on ya television
And there go Young, I said there go Young, you trynna get it did
Just know I gets it done, she love the I cheat
She love the way I move, I sho, I show up to her
Shows wit bout 100 goons
Its black this, black that
Black card, black flags
I really hope that's money that ya'll got off in them black bags (ha ha)
808's & heartbreak,
State troopers & interstates,
Giving me a bad vibe,
Guess I'm just a bad guy

Can you do the Matrix?? I tried but I don't how Miss Ciara can get it that low! Skills!


Luisa said...

i know! that matrixxx is unbelievableee!!!

Luisa said...