Wednesday, March 4, 2009

03', Manolo Blahniks && Jenny From the Block

Alright, I'm a Jenny Fan. I can't lie. Her style is out of this world. She truly, IMO, set the tone for a lot of these newer fashionistas. I.E. Kim Kardashian, who of course openly admits Jennifer Lopez inspires her.

Alright so I'm doing a "remix" throwback with a video && a throwback fad! I started to think of the times when I wore Gauchos, a golf hat and paired them with the infamous Blahnik Timbs. I wasn't Jenny from the Block, or even from New York but damn it, I tried!!! These were the female answer to the Men's Timbs, the true definition of GHETTO FABULOUS!
Did you own a pair? I remember getting mine shipped directly from New York after frantically calling everywhere while online with my fashionistas on Elle. Those were the days! I wore mine with Fatigue pants tied at the bottom and a plain white wife beater. I partied in them once, got a bunch of drink spilled on them, and they were DONEDADA!

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